Obama’s War on Businessmen: Part 4

Obama is playing right out of the Soviet Politburo playbook with his incendiary remarks. “Think you’re being over-taxed and over-regulated, you ungrateful knaves? Why, you should hang your heads down in shame. We provide you with roads, schools, cops, and fire squads, and you dare complain about oppression, about being treated like dirt, about burdensome edicts and rules and laws? You’re supposed to give us your undying obedience. You’re supposed to show your benevolent overlords the respect they deserve. After all, you owe it to them after all the favors they do for you!” As one Reason columnist puts it, cell phone companies don’t ask their clients to, ahem – kiss the rear-ends of the company heads just because our mobiles work everyday. Forget the bridges to nowhere, the over-construction, the excessive stoplights, and the cost overruns, citizen. If it wasn’t for us, you’d be living like primitive savages in tiny little grass huts on the hill – with no contact with the outside world, and no way to get places. Continue reading

Obama’s War on Businessmen: Part 3

Obama’s anti-business Freudian slip is merely a repeat of what Elizabeth Warren tried to argue in her own class envy speech. The rich need to “pay it forward.” They need to give something back to the society that gave them so much.

Do Progressives live in some kind of stone age, Jurassic Era time warp where Google’s online search engine never existed? Does the IRS write in some ancient “lost city of Atlantis” code that Obama and Warren can’t decipher, for whatever reason? If any of these folks bothered to look at the on-the-record statistics, we’d never hear the words “fair share” touch their lips again – unless they’re one of those hysterical textbook serial killers that smile so hard their faces get stuck. Here’s where the Progressives’ argument blows up like a stick of dynamite: The richety-rich already carry a disproportionate share of the tax burden, so asking them to pay more for the sake of “investing” in the so-called social framework (the supposed reason their pockets look like they’re about ready to explode) is even more stupid than taking your two-ton pet boulder with you as you dive off the swimming board. Continue reading

Obama’s War on Businessmen: Part 2

Taking a page from that corporate-bashing class warrior – Elizabeth Warren – Obama says businessowners owe a debt of gratitude to society for their success. You think you got to where you are today because of ingenuity, hard work, and a willingness to dirty your thumbs and get down to business? Pshhh. Your products are shipped all over this country on roads and highways that the rest of us – you know, the unwashed moochers – paid for. Your workers went to schools bought and paid for by the public for twelve years before signing off to slave away and break their backs at your despotic, soul-sucking corporate empire … mannnnnn! (Stop oppressing us with your “hand washing” protocols and rules against spitting in the customers’ food, boss dude, sir!) We probably pitched in for their college loans, too – maybe even picked up the check for the full cost of tuition, through subsidized grants for poor kids and such.

The only reason gangs of thugs didn’t kick down your fences and steal all your factory equipment is because we paid for police protection. For heaven’s sake, without us, jungle children (probably raised by wolves) would hijack the building and force you to fight to the death – most likely in gladiator attire, with harpoons and swords – just to get it back. We pay for firefighters to rush to the scene when your property bursts into flames. We pay for infrastructure, we pay for protection services, we pay for national defense, we pay for education – we, as a society, provide the framework that allows you to prosper. Without us, you’d be hunting lions right now, swinging from vines and cooking your own babies over a campfire just to survive. You’d be nothing to nobody – a worthless excuse for space. Continue reading

Obama’s War on Businessmen: Part 1

Looks like the Gaffe Master-in-Chief is at it again. Before a crowd of smitten, lovesick Obama Zombies™ in Roanoke, Virginia, the president said this:

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

That’s right, entrepreneurs and businessowners. You didn’t build that flourishing, lucrative, monkey-making enterprise of yours. You owe it all to the collective, and just so happened to hit the jackpot one day, you privileged, well-to-do sap.  Continue reading